The Writing on the Wall

Personal mental health is extremely important to me. There are days, I will admit, that I get trapped within the confines of my own thoughts. Journaling worked for a spell, but I found it to be ultimately ineffective for myself. My brain functions faster than my hands are able to write. After everything is written down, I do not go back and read it. It’s now just a collection of words that represent my past without grounding me in the present or propelling into my future.

1aa157a2bc4266a9be8399b1c66273b2I started to write on my walls. I bought several dry erase markers and took up writing short phrases or words to express how I am feeling in that moment or something that I need to remember in order to pick myself back up or motivate myself.

My bedroom one is filled with random daily reminders. It’s in my bathroom that I find my largest source of inspiration.

Do you want to be defined by your excuses or by the things you accomplished? You can have excuses or results. You cannot have both.

This has kept my head on my shoulders with my feet firmly planet on the ground.

Another continuing source of inspiration comes from an inside joke between myself and my good friend and fellow wellness coach, Amber. She’s been going through a tough time lately. In the midst of extreme stress, it’s easy to blow the small things out of proportion. This is just the nature of being human. As a result, the two of us came up with a saying that helps put this in perspective: #NotARealProblem

We say this. We laugh. We realize the difference between the big things and the little things. Additionally, the bit of laughter in the middle of it all helps considerably.

Perspective is everything. Attack the big stuff with everything you can. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Too Much or Not Enough?

I have far too much energy and not enough to do to burn it all off. A part of me believes it’s my new eating program, which is easily the case. However, I mostly blame the change in sunlight hours. The sun goes down and I naturally think it’s only a couple of more hours until it’s bedtime. Much to my dismay, sleep is still a good 5-6 hours away. What am I supposed to do with that? Additionally, I’ll be on break from school until the new year. Hmmm… my mind will likely be occupied with my book. The stories and characters dancing through my head.

Staying productive and active is always a challenge for me. I have been making a point to stay on top of the diet as well as regularly working out. I have seen the results, so that’s nice.


I think the biggest struggle I have is thinking that I don’t do enough. The reality is, I am way too hard on myself. I have extremely high expectations for me and feel somewhat disappointed when I fall short of glory. Just about every person in my life has said to me at one point or another, “You are entirely too hard on yourself.” I just constantly feel that I could always do more. It’s the main fault with my All or Nothing mentality. I want to do something all the way and do it right – or not even bother at all. Back in the days of working for Mr. Jackson, he once told me, “I don’t know, just half ass it.” I was almost driven to tears. Just the idea of “half-assing it” was completely unthinkable to me. To a certain degree, it still is…

Now with my second semester of Graduate School winding down, I finally feel a little more relaxed. I did well enough on my last exam for Physiological Psychology that I won’t have to take the final. That leaves Research and Statistics. The final is next Thursday and today is a class entirely dedicated to review. The final will be open book and open note. Needless to say, I am feeling fairly confident about that class.

On that note, I’m headed off to campus. Thank goodness I have boys of Hollywood Babble-On to keep my company.