New Solves All

If there is one thing that I have learned in being a wellness coach it’s simply this, “New solves all.”

It’s the new people that bring the new perspective, the fresh vitality, and a reminder of the person you were when you first started. As of late I have been neck deep in helping my 3 clients turn into wellness coaches. Being able to choose who I work with is a blessing. These 3 lovely ladies are all different and special in their own way, but all have the same drive and purpose. They have a commitment to having a healthy, active lifestyle for themselves while teaching others to do the same. I can’t even begin to express how incredibly proud I am. Being a coach can definitely have its ups and downs. It’s with their bright demeanor, positive attitude, and unwavering commitment inspires me.


I spent yesterday doing an amazing follow-up with Juliet. That evening I helped Heidi get her very first client while helping Cloe start her journey to a healthy life. This morning, I helped Kim understand what her goals were for the end of the month.

I’m making money and changing lives. Could there really be anything better?