How to Who

Doctor Who RETURNS! 


If you know me, and you may not at all, I LOVE Doctor Who. It makes me feel all the feels I have ever felt. I will laugh, yell, and cry. I love a lot of nerd things, but nothing has captured my heart and imagination more than the Lord of Time.

IMG_4653The season 8 premiere “Deep Breath” graced our television screens on Saturday, but I waited until Monday evening! Yes, avoiding the internet and potential spoilers was a difficult task, but successful nonetheless. I ventured off with my fellow Whovians, Kristin and Ryan, to see the newest episode on the big screen. As if there was any other way to see it… Kristin’s husband made fun of her for wearing a Tardis scarf to the theater. She nearly died when I showed up dressed like this!

Honestly, if you aren’t wearing a fez, you aren’t doing it right. One day Greg might understand… one day.

The season 8 premiere held a particular weight as it marked the first appearance of Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. Acclimating to a new Doctor can be a difficult task. People, in general do not like change. Nerds HATE change. It took me about 3 episodes to fully accept Tennant. It was nearly an entire season before I really saw Matt Smith as the Doctor. However, from the moment Capaldi poked his head out of the Tardis I knew I was looking at and experiencing the Doctor. Madame Vastra, Jenny, and Strax helped ease the transition for fans as familiar faces tend to do.

It was the moment with The Doctor and Clara in the restaurant that solidified everything. The dynamic between the new Doctor and his companion was set. Honestly, I think the 12th Doctor and Clara work better than the 11th Doctor.



There are so many twists and turns! A moment when you think that the Doctor abandons Clara! It seems impossible, but one of the best things about Doctor Who is anything can happen, literally ANYTHING.

Many questions are left in the wake of the premiere:

  1. Why did the Doctor pick that face? He can’t quite remember… (This is a throw back to the season 4 episode The Fires of Pompeii in which Capaldi played a character. Yes, they are going to explain why he’s in both places. I’m curious and excited for this answer).
  2. Who left the message in the paper? Someone is determined to keep the Doctor and Clara together, but WHO?!
  3. Who is Missy?! Heaven has never been more terrifying and Missy scares the crap out of me. Missy is likely to be the recurring villain of the season.

This Whovian is excited for what is to happen next!

A Saturday to Remember

I have a couple of days to myself and I plan to make the absolutely most of it while I can. I have four full days without a demand from either job.

IMG_4613The morning kicked off with a  trip to Sherman Oaks to meet up with my Borders Ladies for Brunch. First of all, Sara completely out did herself! Look at this table!

I had the honor and privilege of spending time with Sara, Lisa, Kim, Angela, Liz, Nadia, and Lauren. We sat around, shared stories, geeked out, and laughed until it hurt. We don’t get to see each other often, but every time we gather it feels as though no time has passed. Sitting together in a room, mimosas in hand, it felt like coming home for the holidays.  I can’t believe we don’t work together anymore. It’s nice to know that with our powers combined we could take on the world!

Between the eight of us, we polished off seven bottles of champagne. Yeah… it was fun!


Into the afternoon I had many things to accomplish! For one, I had to complete the ASL Ice Bucket Challenge. If you haven’t seen me dump a large bucket of water on my head for a good cause, please click here.

Afterwards I went to Core Health to follow-up with my clients Heidi and Cloe! These girls are amazing and an absolute inspiration to me. All of their handwork is paying off and I couldn’t be more proud.

10552661_10101008291567716_4700717265152284360_n 10616049_10101008288728406_8482285466056166604_n









To conclude the evening, I have the house to myself. Amber, in her valiant attempt to watch ALL of Doctor Who before Monday evening is in full effect. I am joining her in this cause… ’cause why not? Revisiting Doctor Who never hurt anyone.






A Better Life in the Age of Doctor Who

To all of my friends: I apologize for my ramblings regarding Doctor Who. I love this show more than any other show, ever. For a nerd obsessed woman, especially coming from me, this is really saying a lot. The Doctor and his companions (Rose, Martha, Captain Jack, Donna, River, Rory, and Amy Pond) have shed a bright light onto my outlook and motivation on life. I know, I know, I am super late to the party on this one. “Better late to the party than never,” I always say!

223913412693676443_6ps2YGe1_cPrior to this post, I read my previous installment. I am proud to say that for the most part I have completely stuck by every single goal and “life improvement” policy I set for myself.

I’m working hard at my new business venture and secured yet another client. I’m staying on top of my school work. I’ve discovered the best way to read through my textbooks. I read 2 sections at time, watch an episode of Doctor Who, rinse, and repeat. The task seems far less daunting and I don’t get burned out easily. I’ve continued on my quest to read for leisure. Though I’m currently still on Beautiful Creatures I have added How to Win Friends and Influence People to my active reading list, therefore alternating between the two.

The days in which I watch at least an episode of Doctor Who I seem to automatically have a better day. It’ll be interesting to see what I do with myself once I’ve caught up with the series as new episodes won’t be rolling around until April.

I’ve continued my workout routine. I’ve kicked it up at notch. I am now officially training to run a 10k. There is a wonderful little app on the iPhone that has been created solely for this purpose. Today was my first day using it. If this app does what it promises to do, I should be fully prepared to run a 10k in 10 weeks. That sounds a little insane, but the health benefits alone are just too great to ignore.