With another “day off” I had to find a way to be productive. My domestic side came out.

blogcroppedheaderRather than flexing my culinary muscles, I gave my organizational ones a workout. I’ve discovered that when my living space is clean and organized, I just feel more relaxed. Consequently, cleaning is a great way to relieve any sort of extra stress. Today was not a stressful day, but keeping busy and productive is always a good idea.

Outside of my bedroom I have this book shelve. It is a perfectly placed bookshelf. The nook created by the home builders had to have this particular shelf in mind. I have a lot of books and the shelf used to over packed. Since I inherited a bunch of shelves from my old Borders store (Thank you again, Sara) the shelf hasn’t had much use. It became a dumping ground of the little odds and ends around the house. I got sick of looking at it and decided to make it worthy of the space and pleasant on the eye once again.


I’ve officially made it my “school bookshelf”. There is more than enough room on my larger shelfs, but some of the books are too big to fit on shelfs standing up. I’d much rather have all of the books together in one place. I’m particularly proud of the little floral arrangement on top. It gives it a nice little splash of color.

71b34db60f76df8f1b72ac1b0b668bf4IMG_4655The laundry is done. My room, bathroom, living room, and kitchen are all in great condition. Additionally I made sure I got in a killer workout!

This is something GREAT to try. I did 5 reps of this and it killed. I was surprised that I got a great workout from these simple moves. Last but not least, I ended my workout with a nice cool down, stretching, and the best post-workout shake available on the market. I cannot get enough of this stuff. I do coach people everyday. If you are ever interested, leave a comment and we will get in touch.

Return of the Domestic Goddess

blogcroppedheaderAdmittedly, it’s been awhile! I’m having an extremely reflective moment as I clean my house today. As a child asking me to clean was just about the worse thing – EVER. As an adult, I love cleaning. The act of cleaning has become somewhat therapeutic and the end result is borderline divine. After everything is clean, I feel I can actually relax and breathe again. I never like a mess. A clean house lets my mind relax, allowing it to focus clearly on business and creative pursuits.

I like to think that I am pretty independent. It’s important to me to make my own money, to handle my own business, and create a complete life for myself. That sort of thought process usually breeds a crazed business woman who doesn’t have time to worry about how her home is run. It was on a two-week break from work back in the good ol’ talent management company days that I found myself not only cleaning, but enjoying it… a lot. It was in that moment that the follow thought dawned on me, “I think I want to be a housewife.” When I said this aloud you would have thought I had just tasted something awful. My nose crinkled and my lip curled. It was a strange thought for me, but it also made me realize that perhaps I could have it all one day – the career and the family – and be able to balance it all happily.

As of now, half of the house is clean. I’m taking a small break in order to reflect on my experience. A clean house makes for a happy Maggie.

I still have some work to do! Back to grind stone!