The Writing on the Wall

Personal mental health is extremely important to me. There are days, I will admit, that I get trapped within the confines of my own thoughts. Journaling worked for a spell, but I found it to be ultimately ineffective for myself. My brain functions faster than my hands are able to write. After everything is written down, I do not go back and read it. It’s now just a collection of words that represent my past without grounding me in the present or propelling into my future.

1aa157a2bc4266a9be8399b1c66273b2I started to write on my walls. I bought several dry erase markers and took up writing short phrases or words to express how I am feeling in that moment or something that I need to remember in order to pick myself back up or motivate myself.

My bedroom one is filled with random daily reminders. It’s in my bathroom that I find my largest source of inspiration.

Do you want to be defined by your excuses or by the things you accomplished? You can have excuses or results. You cannot have both.

This has kept my head on my shoulders with my feet firmly planet on the ground.

Another continuing source of inspiration comes from an inside joke between myself and my good friend and fellow wellness coach, Amber. She’s been going through a tough time lately. In the midst of extreme stress, it’s easy to blow the small things out of proportion. This is just the nature of being human. As a result, the two of us came up with a saying that helps put this in perspective: #NotARealProblem

We say this. We laugh. We realize the difference between the big things and the little things. Additionally, the bit of laughter in the middle of it all helps considerably.

Perspective is everything. Attack the big stuff with everything you can. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

New Solves All

If there is one thing that I have learned in being a wellness coach it’s simply this, “New solves all.”

It’s the new people that bring the new perspective, the fresh vitality, and a reminder of the person you were when you first started. As of late I have been neck deep in helping my 3 clients turn into wellness coaches. Being able to choose who I work with is a blessing. These 3 lovely ladies are all different and special in their own way, but all have the same drive and purpose. They have a commitment to having a healthy, active lifestyle for themselves while teaching others to do the same. I can’t even begin to express how incredibly proud I am. Being a coach can definitely have its ups and downs. It’s with their bright demeanor, positive attitude, and unwavering commitment inspires me.


I spent yesterday doing an amazing follow-up with Juliet. That evening I helped Heidi get her very first client while helping Cloe start her journey to a healthy life. This morning, I helped Kim understand what her goals were for the end of the month.

I’m making money and changing lives. Could there really be anything better?

Stay Strong

This month, the month of August, has been a strange month of me. The crazy part, it’s only half way through the month. Can I even say it’s been a strange month when it’s only been two weeks? I have no idea what the next two week will bring, however I am hopeful.

A lot has happened to those I love. Stressful things. Life things. Things that cannot necessarily be avoided. I admire these women and how hard they try to do the right thing… The reality of my own mortality has started to hit closer to home than ever before. My good friend’s mother recently passed away. The next day, I learned a long time client and friend of the nutrition club, Stacey, also died suddenly from a suspected mistaken overdose of sleeping medication. I now have two funerals to attend in two weeks…

f9b7f80dd9668958c9fd701d3ae2ef18The death of actor/comedian Robin Williams is the most shocking and personally upsetting celebrity death in recent memory. Though I did not know him personally, like Robin Williams, I struggle with anxiety and depression. The world lost a wonderful talent, a husband, and father. I feel as though I lost a fellow brother in the battle of this (more common than most realize) disorder. He didn’t have to die.

Robin Williams has forced to me look more at myself and my personal struggles with depression and anxiety than ever before. This is all for the better. To take care of myself has never been more important… I’ve also never been happier.

Not only is life truly a journey, but I feel like I am learning more and more everyday. Things are just starting to make sense… I mean, it will never make complete sense, that would be utterly nonsense, but it makes more sense.

What is this “Day Off” You Speak Of?

Most people look forward to the magical unicorn called “The Weekend” or its good friend, “A Day Off.” I don’t know what these are really like. I have days in which I am not at my part-time job, days I’m not at the nutrition clubs, or days that I am not focused on my school work. However, if it’s not one thing, it’s the other. Keep in mind this is not a complaint. I just know how to space and leverage my time so that I can get everything done without losing my sanity in the process.

If you were to ask me, “What did you do today?” I would say something along the lines of, “Well, today was my day off so…” Having a day off simply means being able to do all the other stuff I couldn’t when I have scheduled hours. I was not scheduled at the nutrition club or at Total Wine, so I have a “day off.”


This does not mean that I get to relax. I was up at 7:00am. I had my morning shake. I knocked out a KILLER high intensity interval training (better known as HIIT) on the treadmill, followed up with my long time client and wellness coach in training Kim Dawson, had lunch with one of my besties (whom I haven’t seen in FAR too long), follow-up with another client to get her started as a coach at the nutrition club (YAY!), did my personal development, and later tonight I will be meeting with my Coaching Team to discuss our direction. I’m so excited for my people and my team.

Needless to say, I’ve had a busy and extremely productive day. It’s been very fulfilling. I’m mean, it’s only 5pm, but I would already call this day a success!

Take a Step Back…

Disney films, while entertaining, heartwarming, and lovely as they are, also come with a profound weight that only storytelling can give. They give a message that comes with a slice of human experience and reminder of “No Worries,” “Keep Moving Forward,” “You’ve got a friend in me,” and my favorite, “Just Keep Swimming.”

Dory, Finding Nemo‘s favorite absent minded fish, easily brought my favorite quote to life and something I have carried with me since the summer of the film’s release.

Life can be overwhelming at times. Sometimes we succeed. Sometimes we fall short of our own glory. There are good days and there are bad days.

As the years have gone on I would like to think with my age, so comes wisdom. Little life lessons start to trickle in, the pieces of our life’s puzzle starts to come together, and everything becomes a little more clear.


July has been a strange month for me. I completely fell out of my daily routine. My wellness coaching fell by the wayside, I neglected my own fitness goals, and a trip to San Diego Comic Con made the rest of the world melt away. I was presented with a work opportunity that would drastically change the direction of my life. It was an opportunity I wasn’t sure I could walk away from. As a result, the structure of my life started to fall into question. I started to look around and reevaluated… EVERYTHING. For those whom do not know me, I have a lot of anxiety. This anxiety rears it’s ugly head in the midst of uncertainty. I think about the worse case scenario as if it has already come into fruition. It is completely debilitating, making it impossible to make any proactive choices in life… much less feel confident in those choices.

Then I took a step back from myself. I found two sayings to be overwhelming helpful as I started to put everything back together:

“Take it one day at a time.”

“Remember, if you hear hoof clops behind you, it’s probably a horse and not a zebra.”

Most of the things that we stress about, none of them actually happen. To worry, is a sincere misuse of your vast, complicated, and beautiful imagination. Taking that step back was the best thing I ever did. I can now see what is in front on me and what to do about it. I remembered that I had taken this direction in my life for a very specific reason. Those reasons have not changed. Deep down I’m the same person who has the same needs. I want to help people. I want to live a healthy, happy, active, lifestyle and teach others how to do the same. I want to empower those who do not see the power within themselves.

Life is vast, strange, complicated and yet utterly simple. More than anything, it’s beautiful. I tend to forget that in the middle of confusing times, clarity is not far behind. You can’t get a rainbow without a little rain, right?

The point is to keep going. Just keep swimming.