The Break-Up

This is a necessary blog post. I was reluctant to talk about this in a public forum. I felt that I wasn’t entitled to my emotions, much less that anyone else would care. I am a little heart broken. I have suffered from a break-up. It was in December that I lost someone that was dear to me. I didn’t think I would have been so upset at your departure. Maybe you don’t really understand what you have until it’s gone? With that being said, I feel that it would be cathartic to formally say goodbye to you…

Goodbye to my 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier.


You were handed to me when I was only 19 years old. My parents thought you would only last me for 3-4 years. Our final goodbye would not come until nearly 10 years later. You were there through so many massive changes in my life, my ups, my downs, falling in love, mending a broken heart, moving, college, my massive commutes, my realization to change careers, tears, laughs… you were there through it all. Nearly the entirety of my 20’s was spent with you. Things changed and they changed a lot over the years. No matter what, at the end of the day, I could count on coming to you.

I wanted to formally say, thank you. I dreamt the biggest dreams and found myself within your hallowed walls. I will always be grateful for sticking it through and I’m glad I kept you going for as long as I did. I leave you now, knowing I was forever changed for the better because you were there.

All things must end. If nothing ever ended, than nothing could ever get started.

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