2015: The Year of the List

2015 is almost here. Go figure. It seems odd to me that this particular year is rolling around in just a matter of weeks. I grew up watching the Back to the Future trilogy. The “future” was the year 2015. It’s odd to think that the fictional future is now. Personally, I am disappointed that Mattel has not been able to provide me with a functioning hover-board.

A new year means new goals. Most people make resolutions is lose weight, get in shape, or a vow to workout more often. My health is no longer a resolution, but rather a way of life I have diligently committed myself. As a result, my resolution has to be something a little different and outside the normal conventions. After careful consideration I have 2015 to be:

The Year of the List

I have a bucket list. Some items are big and require the appropriate funding. Other items are smaller in scope and can be accomplished given enough time and consideration. Some are more life event things that I can’t necessarily do on my own. Regardless of the nature of these goals there is one simple point that I cannot ignore: life is short. I’m sick of waiting to do the things that I want to do. What exactly am I waiting for? There is absolutely NO excuse to not cross things off my list when it is perfectly within my abilities to do these things!

My mission (don’t worry, I’ve already chose to accept it): Cross one item (at minimum) off my list a month.

These can be items that are a part of “things I want to do before I kick the bucket” or projects/activities that I’ve wanted to do and keep putting it off because I don’t have the time. As of now, I don’t have the list down to an exact science. Each time I complete a task, I will be posting about it. Not sure what I will do for January, but stay tuned!


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