The Bet

I made a bet with my buddy Paul. Here is the result…

I apologize for my language.

2 thoughts on “The Bet

  1. whitnie1023 says:

    Sooo I think there should be a do-over, with bones, BUT the chicken taken off before and then you eat it timed. I think you consumed the same amount of meat of boneless because it’s some much more meat that’s on bones. Just a thought before you concede, you were given unfair amount of meat to consume, but kudos on eating spicy food 🙂 hope u don’t get bathroom problems

  2. I had this conversation with Paul at length. I guess watching Falling Skies is a small price to pay. I have a feeling that Paul and I are just getting started as far as these strange bets go… I also appreciate your concern for my digestive track. I can happily say that I am perfectly fine.

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